General Meeting 2014/08/29

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The coming two Fridays we will have MEIC/EIC meetings again,
in F326/7, as usual from 9:30-11:00 am (EDT). Instructions to call in
(we use bluejeans now, with shared desktop) are given in
(in the grey box close to the top of the page).

 	This Friday, August 29th, the emphasis will be on a design
variation that came up as part of the ongoing exercise to look at
the overall MEIC design folding in the engineering requirements (we
did not have enough space for the desired elements) and trying to
optimize technical parameters further minimizing risk.

 	We will then use Friday, September 5th, to have a further
nuclear science discussion (meic_np list) in preparation of the QCD
Town Meeting.

 	This week will be a generic meeting, with as draft agenda:
1) Introduction					Fulvia
2) Overview alternative design			Yuhong
3) Electron complex				Fanglei
4) Ion complex					Vasiliy
5) Luminosity Profiles				Yuhong
6) Siting on JLAB campus			Fulvia
7) Discussion/evaluation on luminosity and center of mass range

 	Call in information is given as mentioned above at the eic wiki:
Mail Zhiwen Zhao ( if you need to put presentations
on the eic wiki.


pptx Fulvia

ppt Yuhong

ppt Vasiliy

ppt Fanglei