General Meeting 2014/05/30

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we will have a MEIC/EIC meeting tomorrow, Friday May 30th,
in F326/7 CEBAF Center, from 9:30-11:00 am (EDT). Call in information
is given below, and relevant files should be on the eic wiki
( Mail Zhiwen Zhao
( to put presentations on the wiki.

 	This week will be a generic meeting with both CASA/Accelerator
and Nuclear Physics. We made a few corrections/additions to the agenda:
1) MEIC cost estimate status - inputs still needed	Leigh Harwood
2) electron polarization top-off			Fanglei Lin
 	(we went a bit over this last meeting, but we had a little
 	 homework to do w.r.t. BABAR, and still want to discuss more).
3) beam synchronization ideas				Slava Derbenev
4) update on integrated IR/detector, alternate beam synchronization idea
 							Vasiliy Morozov
 	(update on the week that Mike Sullivan was here to make
 	progress on such items, including beam pipe, beam diagnostics,
 	beam elements, start of vacuum estimates, and also discussion
 	on a variation of the beam synchronization idea).

pptx introduction, Rolf Ent
pptx cost, Leigh Harwood
ppt e polarization, Fanglei Lin
pptx Synchronization,Yaroslav Derbenev
ppt IR and beamline,Vasiliy Morozov