General Meeting 2014/04/04

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 	we will have a MEIC/EIC meeting this Friday April 4th in
F326/7 CEBAF Center, from 9:30-11:00 am (EDT). This week will be
a general meeting where we
 		- revisit the recent EIC workshop (Yuhong) 
 		- revisit the EICAC meeting and the EICAC homework 
 		- discuss and define work to do the next 6-8 months
 		- progress on R&D planning
 	Call in information is given below, and please mail relevant
files to Zhiwen Zhao ( to put them on the wiki.

EICAC Close-out Remarks (removed after meeting)

 	As a reminder, the plans for the subsequent meetings are:
April 11	Nuclear Physics meeting
 		- discuss detector development and simulation progress
 		- I assume there will be reports on where we stand
 		  following the weekly detector-oriented meetings

April 18	Nuclear Physics meeting
 		- discuss polarimetry
 		(even if the topic in itself is of interest to our
 		CASA/accelerator colleagues, this meeting we plan to
 		be very "nuclear physics" oriented, as we also want
 		to discuss ideas of our theory group on polarization
 		and polarimetry).
 		- discuss tagging studies with light nuclei (Weiss)

April 25 and May 2: no meeting

May 9		General Accelerator and Nuclear Physics meeting.