Acc Meeting Agenda 10/5/09

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Jie Wei of BNL is going to visit CASA on next Monday, Oct. 5. He is currently on-leave from BNL and a visiting professor at Tsinghua University, China for helping Chinese SNS project.

Most of you already know Jie Wei and his leadership role in RHIC and SNS design, construction and commissioning. He has a very board knowledges and extensive experiences on almost all subfields of hadron storage ring and collider. We invited him visiting CASA for discussions on ELIC ion complex and interaction region design. Following is agenda for two open discussion sessions:

I. Morning session: ELIC presentations 9:30 to 11:00

  1. ELIC/MEIC project overview - Geoff Krafft
  2. Optics design of Figure-8 ion ring - Alex Bogacz
  3. Detector for medium energy ELIC - Pawel Nadel-Turonski
  4. Interaction region optics design and chromatic correction - Alex Bogacz
  5. Advanced issues in ELIC: cooling, dispersion crab crossing, etc. - Slava Derbenev
  6. Ion beam instability issues - Byung Yuun
  7. ELIC R&D plan - Yuhong Zhang

II. Afternoon session: general discussion 1:45 to 4:00

  • We will take Jie Wei out for a lunch (location TBD). Anyone interested pleases join us.